Plan Your Stay

Kauai has become a favorite among the Hawaiian islands. We recommend that you plan your visit
several weeks or even months in advance, especially if you want to stay during the “high seasons”: 
• Mid-June to late August; or
• Mid-December to late March


Plan your air travel early, since flights can get pretty booked up. You can fly directly to Kauai from the
following cities:
• Hawaiian Airlines – from Oakland, CA, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Maui, & Kona
• Alaska Airlines – from Seattle, Portland, Oakland, San Jose, & San Diego
• United Airlines – from San Francisco, Los Angeles & Denver,
• American Airlines – from Los Angeles & Phoenix
• Delta – from Los Angeles & Seattle
• Westjet from Vancouver, Canada

If your starting point is any other city in the US, Canada, or another country, you will need to change planes in one of the mainland cities listed above, or in Honolulu or (for some airlines) Maui or Kona.